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Shared Object in Flash Lite per gestire il seriale di un’applicazione

Sezione per il check  dell’autorizzazione: function loadCompletePrefs (mySO:SharedObject) { if (0 == mySO.getSize() ) // non è presente l’oggetto nel dispositivo { trace(“NO SHARED FOUND”) // Se size è uguale a 0, è necessario inizializzare i dati: gotoAndStop(“serial”) // salto alla sezione per impostare i dati..in questo caso l’inserimento del seriale } else { //mySO.clear(); […]

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Implementing Encryption in AS2 and AS3

download Libreria flashcrypt Use for MD5: import be.boulevart.as2.security.Encryption; import be.boulevart.as2.security.EncryptionTypes; var e:Encryption; e = new Encryption(EncryptionTypes.MD5(), “123244” , null, null, null, null); e.calculate(); trace(“String after MD5 calculation: ” + e.getInput() + “\n”); Full original AS3 example: package be.boulevart.as3 { /** * Encodes and decodes a base64 string. * @authors Sven Dens – http://www.svendens.com * @version […]

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Adobe distributable player solution for Flash Lite Application

Distribute in a more simple way your mobile solution The distributable player solution enables developers to create rich applications for the latest version of Flash Lite and directly distribute their content to millions of open OS smartphones providing a better on-device user experience. The solution mimics the successful Flash Player desktop model of content-triggered downloads […]

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Actionscript 3 MySql Driver – asSQL

asSQL is an Actionscript 3 Mysql Driver aimed towards AIR projects to allow Mysql database connectivity directly from Actionscript. download from code.google.com How to Use – example 1: import com.maclema.mysql.Statement; import com.maclema.mysql.Connection; import com.maclema.mysql.ResultSet; import mx.controls.Alert; import mx.rpc.AsyncResponder; import com.maclema.mysql.MySqlToken; import com.maclema.util.ResultsUtil; //The MySql Connection private var con:Connection; private function onCreationComplete():void { con = new […]