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Setting up Windows Phone 8 Emulator on a Virtual Machine – VMWare Fusion 5

http://www.sunpech.com/2012/11/running-windows-phone-8-emulator-on.html 1) unistall hyper-v from VM Windows 8 2 ) Stop Windows 8 VM 3) from VM setting disable virtualization from CPU setting 4) add this lin to VM .vmx file hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE” mce.enable = “TRUE” 5) re.enable virtualizazion on setting of VM 6) start VM 7) reinstall Hyper-V 8) reboot This is all!!

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Vmware Fusion Unrecoverable error: (vmx) Unexpected signal:10

Restarting a suspended VM from an external usb disk  i catch this error. To resolve try to delete the .vmss file from the Virtual Machine’s Package. Note that by deleting .vmss file like hard shutdown the physical computer and anything not save to disk will be lost. I resolve in this way. original link: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/148306